Private and White Label Branding = The Future of Hemp

The CBD business is booming as more and more people talk about the astounding results CBD provides them. There is an avalanche of anecdotal evidence that suggests CBD has a variety of health benefits. Business-minded individuals everywhere are quickly mobilizing to help fulfill the high demand. So, where do you fall in? Stay ahead of the curve with Wholesale White Label.

Increase your bottom line!

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Private/White Label CBD Products

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound that is primarily found in the leaves and the flowers of the hemp plant. It’s just one of the array of powerful cannabinoids found in hemp. It’s known for it’s use by people across the world!

When we discuss the topic of cannabis-based remedies, what most often comes to mind are the two main cannabinoids THC and CBD. Most consumers are not aware that the human body naturally produces its own cannabinoids (called endogenous cannabinoids), and our bodies even have their own system for processing these cannabinoids.

This system is known as the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). It’s a major neurotransmitting network that helps achieve homeostasis; which means maintaining a stable internal environment for optimal health and healing. The ECS is made up of receptors established throughout our brain, central nervous system, peripheral organs and immune system.

Targeted Marketing Lists

Benefits of Our White Label/Private Label CBD Oil Partnership Program: 

  • First-class customer service 
  • 45% – 70% off retail prices 
  • No mention of Our CBD on your labels 
  • Easy ordering process 
  • Low $2000 minimum order size. 
  • Orders as small as 24 units 
  • Combined pricing. Example, if you buy 24 of 2 different items, enjoy the 48+ pricing on both 
  • Custom labels with your logo and company colors 
  • Or purchase blank bottles and apply your own label! 
  • First orders shipped within 2 weeks 
  • Reorders shipped within 3-5 business days 
  • We ship to all 50 states and most countries. 
  • New products being introduced every month
  • Lab reports available on every batch 

How does the white label/private label program work? 

Just follow these 3 easy steps: 

Step 1. Complete our order form. 

Step 2. Submit your logo and company colors 

Step 3. Approve your labels

We offer customizable label templates for each of our products. You can just give us your logo and company colors and let our Label Design Team use their creative brainpower to provide some label options for you to review. If you know exactly what you want, tells us and we will follow your instructions. 

If you would like to benefit from the growing demand for high-quality CBD products by offering your own line of branded CBD products, we stand ready to serve you.

  • White Label CBD Gummies
  • White Label CBD Capsules
  • White Label CBD Honeystix
  • White Label CBD Tinctures
  • White Label CBD Joints
  • White Label CBD Bath Bombs
  • White Label CBD Crumble/Wax/Dab
  • White Label CBD Vape Juice
  • White Label CBD Pet Products
  • White Label CBD Pain Cream/Salve

What Makes Our Products Better? 

All of our products are made with the purest pharmaceutical-grade CBD oil available. 


How We Help Build CBD Industries

CBD is one of America’s fastest growing segments, and we are perfectly positioned to help companies grow better than any others in the field.

Professional Branding

Turning a product into a business requires more than just the product, it requires a strong brand. Which we provide. This includes package design, logo design and even marketing services. With the CBD marketplace growing, it is essential that White Labeling is coupled with strong branding in order to make a business stand out.

Custom White Labeling

Edibles. Vapes. Oils. Creams. Dabs. Even pets. We offer hundreds of products in a variety of forms so that businesses can build the CBD company they aspire to. This flexibility allows ideal targeting opportunities for going after both niche and mass markets

Glad to have you at Our Store
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