06/11/2018 04:20 Cannabis/Honey oil ****CAUTION**** ***Making this over open flame can result in fire or explosion**** Materials you'll need for extraction: A glass jar with a watertight lid A metal cooking pot with handle Bottle of 190 proof grain alcohol (clear alcohol is best) Any quantity of pot, any strength (the more the better) Cheese cloth or coffee filters Funnel Small jar An ELECTRIC stove and its overhead fan Step 1 You'll need to chop up your weed and pick apart the buds until it looks like grass clippings. Remove any seeds, they have their own oils which we don't want. Dump the powdered pot into the glass jar and pour in just enough grain alcohol so the weed particles float freely in the mixture. Place the lid securely on the jar and shake a few times. Let this mixture sit for a few hours,or even days, shaking it every once in a while....

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