CBN: What is it and can it help me sleep?

CBN: What is it and can it help me sleep?

By Lisa Smalls
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Thirty-five percent of American adults don’t get the recommended seven-plus hours of sleep each night, and nearly forty percent of adults have experienced acute or chronic sleep deprivation brought on by insomnia sometime over the course of a year.
A lack of sleep prevents your body from being able to go through the crucial stages of sleep that help manage inflammation, repair damaged tissue and muscles, organize thoughts and memories, and even improve creativity. During the day, you lose cognitive ability, lack focus and motivation, are fatigued, and can have difficulty maintaining balance after a night of poor sleep.
Unfortunately, sleep comes at a premium for people who experience insomnia. But there are all-natural solutions to help solve issues of troubled sleep. One of those solutions is the use of CBN.
What is CBN?
CBN (Cannabinol) is one of over 80 cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. Until recently, the most popular cannabinoid, THC, was the most widely understood chemical due to both it medicinal and mind-altering effects. However, recent research has shown significant benefits from other cannabinoids such as CBD and CBN. CBD has already been proven to create a calming and relaxed behavior that helps ease the mind and therefore promote sleep. The claims regarding CBN might be even more favorable.
CBN is a cannabinoid that is produced when THC oxidizes. While initially considered a bad thing due to the reduction in the effects of THC, recent research has shown CBN offers several unique benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties, stimulating appetite, promoting the growth of bone cells, and its behavior as a sedative.
How does CBN help you sleep better?
CBN, especially when combined with THC, has shown in lab results to have substantial sedative properties. While the details of research are scarce, CBN is quickly becoming a popular point of interest in research studies which provide a long list of benefits unique to the cannabinoid.
Curiously, CBN has multiple benefits that may someday prove to be an essential chemical to manage sleep disorders. This is because the effects of CBN help assuage not only insomnia itself, but the root cause of the insomnia. For example, CBN eases inflammation, reduces stress, and is shown to have some anti-anxiety benefits—all of these conditions (inflammation, stress, and anxiety) trigger insomnia. With the power to heal a number of physical and mental conditions that lead to troubled sleep combined with the sedation properties, CBN shows great promise to help those who suffer from both acute and chronic sleeping disorders. Is CBN available to the public?
The short answer to this question is yes. Although CBN can be found for purchase, it is usually available combined with THC or CBD. In fact, as of recent the dosages of CBN have increased to support a higher level of CBN in these products. As further studies are revealed to show the potential benefits CBN, it is likely that CBN will be more readily available.
CBN is growing in popularity as a cannabinoid, and is being combined with THC and CBD products more and more. While CBN has shown to have both minimal and significant effects on chronic conditions such as arthritis, seizures, and Crohn’s disease, it is the sedative properties of this substance that are garnering the most attention. So, is CBN destined to become an insomniac’s dream medication in the future? It’s sure looking that way.

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