How and Why to start a Hemp-CBD White Label Brand

How and Why to start a Hemp-CBD White Label Brand

The CBD industry is booming as regulations progress and new research comes to light with the benefits for this non-psychoactive cannabinoid. The rapid rise in the awareness and demand for CBD products is both attractive and precarious for new players looking to capitalize on the growing market.

Launching a CBD business in a crowded industry is not light work, but it is something that if approached logically, can earn you a place in the coming boom. While the urge for most entrepreneurs is to go it alone, sometimes you can save valuable time, effort and money by asking advice from the experts. Proving that expert advice does not have to break the bank, companies like The Hemp Plug offer turnkey services for business ventures of all sizes. The team has been developing products and building brands in the hemp industry for nearly a decade. The Hemp Plug has also been a pioneer in incorporating hemp extract into beauty, fitness, homeopathic and pet wellness products. 

CBD white label beauty products

We have developed a turnkey service is able to get you from concept to final product in about 2-3 weeks time. We have helped several prominent brands get up and rolling and be successful in this highly competitive industry. Our products provide the quality that the modern consumer is looking for and that drives repeat purchase.”

Today, Wholesale White Label produces hundreds of CBD oil and hemp extract infused products for private label partners of all sizes. From high concentration 3000MG full spectrum extract oils to delicious CBD-infused honey sticks, the team at Wholesale White Label has their fingers on the pulse of the ever-evolving CBD industry and the current developments and formulations that are a part of the nutraceutical world.

CBD white label manufacturer

As part of Wholesale White Label ’s turnkey services, they are able to take an entrepreneur from concept to final product, while answering questions and solving problems along the way. 

For new brands in the CBD market, product expertise and customer education is the key to establishing a trusted brand. Retailers looking to add a line of CBD products don’t need to take the long road towards earning their PHD in the CBD market, they can simply partner with an expert white label manufacturer like Wholesale White Label.

By leveraging the experience of Wholesale White Label, brands can begin to make the strategic and informed decisions that enable them to build and maintain trust in the growing CBD-market.

Wholesale White Label has encountered plenty of challenges while creating CBD products for their customers. By creating solutions to these problems the Wholesale White Label has positioned themselves as the leading experts in identifying best practices for the industry.

CBD merchant processing

Merchant processing is just one obstacle that can appear daunting to new CBD brands. That’s why Wholesale White Label connects with trusted merchant processors who have a established trust in the industry with a history of successful and efficient transfers.

Many facets of the industry and starting a new CBD business can be challenging. We can help you every step of the way with solutions for warehousing, shipping and customer service.

Of course, partnering with us is not a guarantee that your product or brand will be a success. We understand that for a brand to earn its voice in the crowd and break through the clutter takes time and sometimes, a reworking of product offerings. That’s why Wholesale White Label makes it simple and cost efficient for brands to add and drop products from their lines with small batch orders and low minimum quantities. This ensures brands that partner with Wholesale White Label can be nimble and progress with the industry without making bank breaking errors.

We are working to make it easy and affordable for our partners to enter the CBD industry in an intelligent way. We believe in the power of CBD and want to see this industry thrive. That’s why we are doing things the right way, to prepare our partners for the long road to success.

Our Custom Labeling for CBD Defined

White Label CBD – A white label CBD program uses an existing product or label and places the brands logo on the product for resale.

Private Label CBD – A private label CBD program makes use of the brand’s label and logo on an existing THP product.

Custom Label CBD Manufacturing – A custom label CBD program is when THP delivers a custom formulated product with the brand’s logo and label on it for an item made to their exacting specifications.

THP CBD Industry Market Notes and Facts

 •   According to The Brightfield Group, the market for hemp-derived CBD products hit about $591 million in 2018, and is expected to balloon to $22 billion by 2022. 

 •   The CBD industry is moving fast. Strategic players are continually entering the industry along with arrival of new and innovative uses and applications for hemp extracts.  

 •   As this dynamic industry grows, the need for high-quality and affordable CBD is growing as well. 

 •   THP uses only Grade A organically grown industrial hemp cultivated and harvested under strict GMP standards. All THP products are certified Vegan, Non GMO, Gluten Free and Made in the USA. 

 •   The pure cannabidiol (CBD) that is infused into THP CBD hemp products is extracted through a Super Critical CO2 extraction method and meets the highest international and American quality standards.

Wholesale white Label is a Florida-based company focused on bringing the highest quality CBD hemp products to the world. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs successfully launch hemp/CBD companies in the growing and ultra competitive marketplace. We take a farm to product approach to hemp manufacturing that leaves no questions as to quality, efficacy and freshness of our products. All our products meet GMPs, are Non GMO, sourced from industrial hemp and made in the USA.

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